4 Ways Marketing Automation Saves You Time and Money

Marketing automation saves you time and money. As a set of tools, it tackles the tasks you, your sales and/or marketing people hate. Whether it is following up with prospects or keeping in touch with your customers/clients, it can be programmed to handle everything for you.

And it’ll make you more money too.

1. Spend less time selling and more time closing

One important way in which marketing automation saves you time and money is by is simplifying routine organisational and marketing tasks (the ones you hate).

Following up leads is crucial, but most salespeople don’t bother.

The stats don’t lie. Did you know that 80% of sales require 4 or more follow-ups? Yet, 44% of sales people give up after the first follow up.

Follow-ups need to be relevant too. Stats suggest that 95% of prospects choose solution providers that provide relevant content at every stage. In fact, quite often prospects have most of the same queries about a product or service.

Properly planned marketing automation solves this by structuring the process like a sales education process. It takes prospects through answering those key questions before they contact you. A significant shift in the supplier/customer relationship process has happened. Nowadays, prospects expect to be educated, instead of being ‘marketed to’.

Education, or storytelling, takes prospects through a journey designed to address their struggle and to convince them you can solve it.
In essence, it’s a win/win for sales and marketing teams. After all, the aim of marketing automation is to provide salespeople with great prospects, i.e. no more time focused on poorly qualified leads.

Marketing automation loves the tasks you hate. Whether it’s routine follow-ups with prospects, regular marketing updates or keeping your team productive – it’s all under control.

2. Reduce new client acquisition costs

Believe it or not, the cost of acquiring a new client is 25 times higher.

Stand out, by providing unbeatable value

A well-designed marketing automation campaign is designed to make the sales process simpler. It starts by providing prospects with great value and addressing their pain points.

Instead of advertising generically, each campaign begins with a value offer, such as an eBook, whitepaper or industry report. Prospects then provide more information about themselves and get the piece of content they need, for free, in return. This crucial step gets the automation magic underway.

Next, they’re funnelled into a cycle of emails that help educate them about how you can help them. This reduces the time required to ‘sell’ and qualifies prospects much more quickly.

What are new clients REALLY costing you? Ask us

3. Make clients happier – and get them to refer you more often… on autopilot.

With marketing automation campaigns running in the background, client happiness becomes a much more well-oiled machine. After all, selling to existing clients is 25 times cheaper. Marketing automation campaigns consistently keep in touch with existing clients, at their convenience.

It also allows you to gauge their level of satisfaction. Research suggests 70% of clients who complain will stay with you, as long as you address their issue(s) effectively. So, the sooner and better you address issues, the happier the client.

Marketing automation supercharges your client referral strategy

Happy clients will refer you, more often. After all, referrals are the lifeblood of any business. But, too often, companies forget to ask, or worse, avoid asking for referrals. Marketing automation does this for you too.

Why are referrals so important?

  1. Referrals have a 65% better close rate
  2. Referred clients spend more
  3. People who are referred, refer too

4. Substantially increase sales

When planned strategically, marketing automation saves you time, helps you get organised and increases revenue per client.

The proof:

  • Marketers with successful lead nurture campaigns reported a 20% increase in sales opportunities from leads.
  • 78% of successful marketers have found that marketing automation is a leading player in their road to high profits
    In recent years, 84% of top businesses plan to use marketing automation software.
  • In the next 2 years, 85% of customer relationships with businesses will be managed without any humans being involved in the process.

Source: Gartner Customer 360 Summit.

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