What clients say about working with DARWIN…

How Charlotte found clarity and grew her business

Making Growth Simpler

“If you haven't spoken to Michael yet you're missing a trick! Marketing in real English!”
James Bennett
Owner, Ask Pathfinder

Domination of the UK Legal Sector

Transforming online businesses

“At Creative Hire, we have the UK's largest range of furniture hire for events, exhibitions and experiential event organisers. Although many of our competitors are 'online', we didn't realise how dated our online experience was. Originally built with Shopify, our old website had many issues. It did not work well with search engines, customers couldn't check out and it just wasn't delivering. That was just the beginning... I'd been recommended DARWIN, by a close friend, to help solve our website issues. Since we began working with them, they've understood our concerns, highlighted other improvements and developed a website that really does tick all the boxes. It even allows us to communicate more directly with customers via the website! For us, this means more sales and even more growth. I have every confidence that this website will play a key role in our continued growth over the coming years. To the DARWIN team - thank you for helping us 'crack it!' If you want to make the most of your website and/or your digital marketing, please do speak with them immediately."
Chris McCormack
Head of Account Management

On Michael's Work Ethic

“Michael is one of the most naturally talented businessmen I have worked with. His excellent interpersonal skills combined with his very natural commerciality make him a very strong team member in whatever role he takes up. His work ethic is unquestionable, he is consistently positive and certainly someone I would wholeheartedly recommend.”
Paul Phillips
Director of Venture Capital and Private Equity

To success in The Den

"DARWIN was brought to our attention as a highly recommended Google Partner PPC Management Agency. The team at DARWIN have organised our heads in such a way that we understand how Conversion Optimisation, PPC and SEO could help grow our business - and it has already! They're brilliant, extremely helpful and have helped us grow MUCH more quickly. And they’ve helped with optimising our website. Since working with Michael we've changed the way we work - dramatically. They've given us an insight into optimised marketing and how to provide users with the absolute best experience, every time. It is SO useful. It is simple, really, more people are buying from us as we're giving them what they need faster. Not only has our 5-star food won the hearts and minds of the Dragons, but our website has also made it much easier for customers to buy from us - and they buy more. Speak to them - it's worth it!"

Captivating tens of thousands of people across Europe

"Michael consulted with us to develop a new social media strategy for our travel business. The resulting report was a comprehensive analysis of the market landscape and our place within it, and bursting at the seams with excellent and insightful ideas to improve our social media presence. Some of them we have already implemented, some of them will take much longer to put into practice, but all of them were well thought through and directly relevant to us as a business, and to our customers."

Global Furniture Hire Company Thrives Online

Turning Clicks into Valuable Clients

“I've now worked with the team at DARWIN as an email marketing agency, for over seven years. They're superb. Whilst 'industry standard,' open rates (from an email campaign) vary between 10%-20%, they've helped me dramatically outperform that. The average open rate on email marketing campaigns often exceeds over 40%! For me, that means, more enquiries, bookings and revenue!"
Jeremy Dale
MD at TSK Golf Services

Increasing Sales for a Global Retail Brand

“Over the last two years, we've developed a marketing automation programme that has helped us engage with customers faster, become more efficient and generate more sales. The team at DARWIN have been crucial from day one. We've increased new customers in our pipeline by 4X, improved sales close rates by 37%, and increased sales substantially, year-on-year!"
Marketing Director
International Retail Brand

Giving a World-Class Venue What it Deserves

"Ragley, as a venue, is a multi-faceted business that offers everything from large outdoor events such as the Game Fair to weddings and corporate hire. We love what we do, but, with such a vast offering, it is sometimes easy to under or over-represent what we can offer. The team at DARWIN worked very closely with us to ensure balance in our representation. From day one, their team were keen to learn the ins and outs of the business and their enthusiasm shows in the final result! They have really helped us bring our online presence to an all-time high and the support DARWIN have given us on this new venture has been incredible! Michael and the team have been a true pleasure to work with!"
Sean Blyth
Marketer and Events Specialist

Taking a great business to another level

Using Data to Make the Right Decisions

“Working with DARWIN to create a central platform where we can monitor, analyse, optimise, and grow the business continues to amaze us. Before we set this up, we used different platforms - data wasn't married up and decisions were difficult to make. BI has allowed us to become much more versatile and innovative - long may it continue!”
VP of Digital
Traditional British Retail Brand

Multinational Company Thrives

As a brand owner and supplier of FMCG products into the UK and European retail sector, we had been looking to get closer to the end users of our products via social media. Michael was recommended by a business contact and from our first meeting developed a thorough understanding of our business and the brief given to him. Ultimately Michael presented back a strategy document and supporting materials which were comprehensive, clear, and well thought out. We have since begun implementing Michael's recommendations and are grateful for his ongoing support to ensure we get the very most from our social media activities.
Nick Linstow
Product Services Manager - Europe

Attention to detail that is second to none

"Excellent service throughout from planning to implementation. I have been very happy with the level of detail and attention paid to my projects. I would highly recommend Michael for all your digital needs."
Oliver Buckle
Head of Marketing

Exceeding Expectations for Award-Winning Photographer

"I have been involved with advertising and marketing all my professional life and it takes a lot to impress me! However, Michael and his team did just that, they took on a brief, modified it to exceed my expectations and delivered. Result! I now have a clear direction for my business, a great website and the support to progress my developing business. Oh, and they are nice guys too!"
Lorentz Gullachsen
International Photographer and Producer

Wellness Start-up Learns How to Take on the 'Big Boys'

“The advisory and technical team have been simply brilliant! SO HELPFUL! I knew very little - nothing really - about the digital marketing landscape, and I now realise that I have been developing my own business and web landscapes in a pretty amateurish way... That was until I met Michael and his team. Now, I genuinely feel that I am working with real professionals! These dudes have been such a huge and influential help to me and to my business - even in the short time I have known them. I am really looking forward to working with Michael and his team, to dynamically grow my business online. They couldn't do enough to help me - from day one - and they have certainly got a real flair and a genuine suss on the 'behind the scenes' digital world.”
Owner and Managing Director
Start-Up Wellness Business

Global Fitness Brand Flexes Its Muscles

“Without Michael’s knowledge of the craft and importance of social media in the first instance, I don’t feel as though we’d have continued to grow the business in the same manner or even (record sales year-on-year) as quickly as we have. How the team at DARWIN have executed social media to drive that growth for us is amazing."
Global Fitness Company

Leading Industry Exhibition Expands Its Presence

“We looked around for a company to create an online presence that could be pro-active with both our show and our exhibitors. Michael and his team ticked all our boxes and they helped us every step of the way - I would have no hesitation in recommending their services. We also used them in our e-marketing campaign on the run-up to the show and will continue to utilise their services for 2016 - and beyond.”
Jo Turner
Event Director

Shaking Up the Property Industry

"Well done guys on building the Vesper website and a brilliant brand for our exciting new venture, great communication throughout the project. Sorry, it's taken over a year to write a review!"
James Cameron
Director at Vesper Group

Law Firm Starts Attracting the Right Clients Online

"Great experience dealing with this company - and Michael in particular - sound and helpful advice and support."
Managing Partner
UK Law Firm

Making Social Media Add Up for Accountancy Firm

“I know Michael to be a top expert in all things Social Media. He is able to communicate to individuals and groups of all ages in a manner that even those with the most basic knowledge of the medium are able to move forward and network in a way as never before.”
Brian Dormer
Director, Accountancy Firm

Turning a Sceptic into a Savvy Marketer

“I attended the social media training run by Michael Thomas. I did not have very high expectations to be truthful since everyone these days claims to be an ‘expert’ in social media so I came to the training a bit sceptical. How wrong I was! He makes it look like child’s play and made me feel like I too could do it - Michael was absolutely brilliant. He explained things in such an easy way that I was wondering why before, I’d thought social media was too much of a challenge to conquer. He even took the time to share extra tips and tricks there that were not included in the original training. Michael’s relaxed and understanding demeanour made the interaction much easier and more enjoyable. I didn’t feel that I was sitting there and listening to someone drone on, he encouraged me to interact as much as I wanted to. It was well worth my time and money. I will definitely be using Michael’s services again.”
Sarka Wilde
Property Investor and Managing Director

Helping a Charity Succeed Online

We approached Michael to help support the development of our social media activities, in particular, new page designs for our Facebook page. He really understood our work and objectives and was able to advise a number of activities to suit our limited resources. The new page designs were produced in good time and our feedback and amends were readily incorporated. Michael and the team were also able to advise about the impact that the changes to Facebook pages would have to the designs and amended the materials accordingly. Our page is now live and we’re excited to see the positive impact that the redesign will have to engagement and support of the charity on Facebook!"
Sarah Thomas
Communications and Marketing Manager

Leading Rugby Organisation Expands Its Reach

“Having worked with Michael for several months as an exhibitor, I found Michael to be a highly effective professional with an eye for detail and a client-facing attitude.”
Steve Peters
Regional Rugby Manager

International Brand Communications Expert Excels

“Michael's up-to-date knowledge of his subject and personable approach provided the perfect ice-breaker for my new relationship with Twitter. His support continued after the workshop, with the provision of material I could refer to in my own time and his willingness to share his expertise as my skills.”
Shireen Dew
Brand Communication Expert

On Michael's Approach

"Michael is a bright and enthusiastic person who is passionate about delivering to the highest standard. I watched Michael develop into a consultative business partner, who listens well and can apply your brief to his work to provide his clients with a great solution. I recommend Michael without hesitation."
Richard Pickard

Taking the Mystery out of Marketing

“Michael has provided a couple of training sessions and some surgery advice to me on social media. I have found his advice extremely useful and he has helped to cut through a lot of the confusion/mystery of it for me in a clear and concise way. Michael has a lovely friendly and approachable manner and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others."
Carol Fieldhouse
Wellbeing Expert

On Getting Confident with Social Media

“I attended a series of social media workshops run by Michael. He provided a useful combination of practical tips and strategic guidance, which has helped me make more effective use of social media channels for my business.”
Catherine Martin
Strategic Comms and PR Consultant

Making Facebook Worth It

“Events Northern Ltd is an event and conference management company working throughout the UK. DARWIN supported us to develop a social media strategy, to help to grow our social media presence, particularly on Facebook, which we hadn’t quite got to grips with as well as Twitter! They were extremely good listeners, really helpful throughout and came up with lots of great ideas for us to implement, which we are currently working to incorporate. I’d have absolutely no hesitation recommending them!”
Becki Cross
MD and Event Strategist

Turning Linkedin into a Better Place to do Business

“I recently attended a seminar that Michael held on getting the most out of LinkedIn. I went into the seminar knowing very little and was very impressed at just how much Michael managed to teach the group in such a short time. I found his teaching style excellent; he explained things well despite the time pressure and everyone, whether they had been using LinkedIn for a short time, like myself, or a long time, like many of the others, left having learnt things they didn't know before. Michael is very approachable and I will be more than happy to get in touch with him if I need further assistance in the future.”
Emma Lloyd

Making Linkedin Work

“We asked Michael to help develop skills of social media amongst 'Coventry & Warwickshire Young Professionals'. Michael focused on using LinkedIn for business and how to make the most of it - we had a full-house who all went away having learned a great deal. Michael was personable, incredibly knowledgeable and, most importantly, interesting. I would have no hesitation in using Michael again or recommending his work - if your team/employees need expert training, especially in social media, then Michael is your man!”
Gus Bhandal
Senior Business Investment Officer in Warwickshire

Driving Business Growth Online

“Attended Michaels Facebook social media workshop at the Stour Enterprise Centre, his wealth of knowledge is abundant, which he is able to convey in an informal thought-provoking way. This has enabled us to think again about the ways in which we can increase our reach through social media and continue our business growth in the Farm Stay Sector. Thanks, Michael”
Wayne Smith
Owner at Oaks Barn Farm

Driving Record Attendances Year-on-Year

“Michael joined us at the BodyPower Expo at a very exciting time. We’d grown significantly over the three-year period before his arrival, mainly through offline, more traditional marketing channels. When Michael joined us, he came with a vision for a more integrated marketing approach. First, he developed new relationships with leading sporting organisations like the RFU, Amateur Boxing Association and publications including WWE and Women’s Fitness, which broadened the scope of the expo’s potential audience. Secondly, where Michael really came into his own, was building our foundations with a clear strategy on social media. Before Michael arrived, we didn’t really understand how and why to use social media effectively (for visitors, exhibitors or media partners), believe it or not. What Michael did was build our presences on the key social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, regularly improved our print, website and e-marketing activities. In 2011, we achieved record attendance for the show. Since then, our marketing team has more focus on social media and online marketing and continued to achieve record attendances year on year. Without Michael’s knowledge of the importance of social media in the first instance, I don’t feel as though we’d have continued to grow the expo in the same manner or even (record attendances year-on-year) as quickly as we have."
Peter Evans
BodyPower Expo

Making Online Marketing Worthwhile

“Many fantastic claims about business growth are made for the use of social media in marketing – not all of them wholly proven. Refreshingly, Michael brings a clear, practical and grounded perspective to the way that works with tools like LinkedIn can become a powerful component of an overall sales and marketing strategy, particularly in the B2B world. His approach is ‘real world’ as opposed to ‘miracle cure’ and is all the more powerful as a result. Therefore, if you are looking at the possibilities that exploiting social media might bring to your business; I would strongly suggest that talking with Michael would be a wise use of your time and resources.”
Graham Baird
Owner of Clavarium Consulting Ltd

Making Digital Marketing a Key Part of Every Successful Event

“I really enjoyed the session you delivered about the 3 Ws of Social Media. I think you are a great speaker and really helped me understand the session from a different perspective.”
Emily Walker
Event Manager

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