Successful Blogging Tips – 5 Tips to Attract New Clients

Successful blogging tips – 5 in under 5 minutes

Time and time again we hear from clients and prospects that one of the most difficult things about blogging is finding topics that are ‘interesting enough’ to blog about.

When done regularly, blogging is a proven technique to help companies and the people within them, establish a unique voice, authority and to get noticed online.

Successful Blogging Tips #1: Write for your audience

If you don’t know who you’re writing for, how are you going to use your blog as a tool to attract the right people? Have you considered exactly who you’re writing for?

When developing a picture of who your audience is, consider the following:

  • Their job title
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Experiences
  • Their propensity to buy (ask yourself – are they able to afford and/or value your offering?)

Understanding your audience is one of the most overlooked aspects of blogging.

And, it is one of the most common reasons why blogs ‘fail to deliver’. After all, if you’re not writing for who you’d like to buy your product or service, what results do you expect to get?

The aim of developing unique personas (audiences in distinct groups) is not only to understand them, but to write in a way that they feel familiar with. After all, you want them to understand that you provide a product or service that addresses their needs.

The aim of developing a clear audience to write for is to not only understand them but to write in a style, using grammar that they feel familiar with. After all, you want them to understand that you provide a product or service that addresses their needs.

Successful Blogging Tips #2: Write about what you know

When planning out your blog content, the most important thing to start with is considering a range of subjects that you are both confident and knowledgeable about. The main reason for this is a practical one. Inevitably, you are more likely to put in the time, effort and add value to topics that are of genuine interest to you. Your blog will come across especially well when it is a topic you’re knowledgeable about and comfortable with.

It also shows through in your writing, and your readers can pick up those positive signals. Once you have found a subject you would like to explore in detail, there are many resources online to help you discover articles, pictures and statistics to make it easier for you to ‘state your case’.

Successful Blogging Tips #3: Do your research

Research is crucial – and it’s pretty straightforward to do, too.

Your competitors – and those who are most successful (in terms of shares, likes etc.) – should provide you with a pretty clear guide on what your target audience wants. The more in-depth your research becomes, the more likely that you’ll identify a series of clear DOs and DON’Ts.

The cardinal rule in this part of the process is to make sure what you write is unique. Don’t mimic what other people have done. Not only will that make your blogs ‘knock-offs’, it’s also doing you a disservice on Google. Google wants content that is unique.

Want to find out how to outperform your competitors? 

Successful Blogging Tips #4: Have a brain dump. It may sound crude, but it really isn’t…

Any blog content you write should always resonate with your target audience.

Consider how you can benefit them with:

  • Stories about you and you executing your knowledge in your day-to-day life

  • Customer success stories

    Success stories always start with a struggle. For instance, quite often prospects say to us “We don’t do much marketing.” That statement is often the precursor to finding out how we can help them.

    Want examples of targeted success stories?

    Check out tech giants Cisco, global sales CRM company, Salesforce and business solutions provider, IBM.
  • Industry Developments

    Prospects look to you as the expert. The more you tell them (your target audience) about your industry and crucially, why what you do matters to them, the more it will resonate with them.

  • Address their pain

    Every prospect has a problem. In fact, it is highly likely that all of them have similar issues.

    If you’re not quite sure, start by asking your existing clients.

**Here’s an example of what a simple session can enable you to do**

Successful Blogging Tips #5: Establish your unique voice

The aspect of developing a unique tone of voice (and a consistent one), is one of the most overlooked aspects of blogging. What does your tone of voice sound like on paper?

Put simply, a tone of voice is all about helping visitors get to know you better. You can cement your tone of voice by writing in a style that is unique to you, consistently.

Ultimately, be yourself and be different. After all, as the saying goes, ‘people buy from people’.

Inspired? Want some cool mind-mapping tools to get started?

Mindmeister – an online-based mind-mapping tool. Many of its features (at the time of writing) are premium, so do check before you immerse yourself in it. – a basic online-based mind-mapping tool. One benefit from the outset is that there’s no need to sign up for an account.

Free Mind – as the name suggests, it’s an open-source mind-mapping software that you can download for free with no limits.

From the outset, it is important to remember that blogging is a long-term investment in relationship building. On the good old information superhighway, you never know who or where your next warm prospect (who’ve read your content) may come from.

Last but not least, plan ahead. As the saying goes, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’.

Here at Home of DARWIN, I get the opportunity to write blogs and share my ideas and experiences. One of the things I always focus on is finding topics that are really fun and helpful to share. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Please do share if you’ve found this blog of use to you. 🙂

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